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Our Favorite Websites will be a marketplace for new and gently used skating items.  5% of every sale will support the skating community by funding clubs and skating teams. has joined Myskatingmall as a supporter of grassroots skating! Opening March 2010."

Jo Ann's Figure Skating Blog

By Jo Ann Schneider Farris, Guide to Figure Skating

We stay up to date on current skating events by reading Jo Ann's blog daily.  She writes continuously about figure skating and comes up with something entertaining every single day.  You want to add this to your RSS feed right away!

Axels, Loops, and Spins

Figure Skating Blog by Aaron

Aaron runs this blog and he is _very_ prolific on twitter to say the least.  He updates his blog minute by minute and if you want to know something about the figure skating world right now, this is the place to go!

I highly suggest you follow him on twitter too: skating102

LifeSkate Blog

Daily news, videos, advice, and profiles from the world of Figure Skating 

A great blog run by Susan Chun.  This blog is updated daily and has access to a lot of current figure skating videos.  We suggest you bookmark it immediately! is a wonderful resource for skaters and clubs.  It has several tools for finding the competitions and events in your area. It also has an skate exchange source (classifieds for skates, etc).  I love the clean functionality of this site...and it has a wealth of constantly updated information.

This is an excellent resource for all of your Figure Skating needs.  This site is updated regularly and has everything from News to TV Schedules.  We visit this site daily to stay up to date!

Infant and toddler clothing and shoes
If you're looking for infant and toddler clothing and shoes this is the place to go.  Ten Tall Trees are close friends of, and if you're not shopping for figure skating apparel and you have little ones, jump over there and see what they have to offer.  They offer free shipping on most products and awesome customer service.


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